Trailhead Widget: Add/Customize using FLB API

Force Leader Board Widget: It's time to show off. Now add FLB(Force Leader Board) widget to your website and blogs. You can show your badges, points of the trailhead and your certifications in one widget. You are just few minute away to get your widget. Whats more? You can create your widget and can use… Continue reading Trailhead Widget: Add/Customize using FLB API


Introducing Trailhead Force Leader Board API

Great power comes with great responsibility!!! Now its time to take your trailhead and certificate data to your platform. Just a simple API call and you will be with your trailhead data. How does it work? You make a call and get the JSON response. Now convert this response to your app, pages, and blogs.… Continue reading Introducing Trailhead Force Leader Board API

Salesforce Trailhead and Certification Leader Board – ForceLeaderBoard (Unofficial)

Force Leader Board - Salesforce Trailhead and Certification Leader Board Join Now   Here it comes ... It's time to show your trailhead badges and certifications in on place. Walkthrough: Home: You can see top 5 trailblazers basis on the badges, points, and number of certifications. Trailblazers Board: This shows top 1000 trailblazers. Here you can… Continue reading Salesforce Trailhead and Certification Leader Board – ForceLeaderBoard (Unofficial)

Raspberry Pi – Turning Lights on and off Using Relay Board

In this post, we will be learning about connect 4 Channel relay board to Raspberry Pi. If you haven't done the RPi setup then please read Raspberry Pi – Introduction and Setup. What is a relay? A relay is an Electrical Switch which is used to open or close a circuit with an electromechanical relay… Continue reading Raspberry Pi – Turning Lights on and off Using Relay Board

Raspberry Pi – Introduction and Setup

In this post, we will be getting knowledge about Raspberry Pi. I will be sharing some best link to set up the device instead of writing here. Please follow each step carefully. What is Raspberry Pi: The Raspberry Pi is a series of small single-board computers developed in the United Kingdom by the Raspberry Pi… Continue reading Raspberry Pi – Introduction and Setup

India DreamIn17 Presentation/Code – Salesforce Einstein Vision Implementation

It was really nice to be part of the IndiaDreamIn17 as the Speaker. I presented Salesforce Einstein Vision Implementation. The presentation is explaining about following things: 1. AI & Machine Learning - Read here 2. Einstein Vision - Read Here 3. Dataset, Label, Examples - Read here 4. Training, Model, Prediction - Read here 5. Einstein Key… Continue reading India DreamIn17 Presentation/Code – Salesforce Einstein Vision Implementation

AI Buddy – An Einstein Assistant

AI Buddy is Salesforce Manage Package App. AI Buddy is a friend of Einstein. It allows you to work with Einstein in admin style. You need to just click and go. Start building your AI system with Einstein in an easy way without coding. AI Buddy will save your time and money for sure.  The… Continue reading AI Buddy – An Einstein Assistant

What is Training in Machine Learning?

Training a process where we create a model using our datasets. Every prediction query goes to Model, not to the dataset. Let's assume we have 100 records. We are giving 70% of data to our machine as the Training data and rest of the 30% data as the test data. Got confused what is train… Continue reading What is Training in Machine Learning?

Data Set – What is it?

What is DataSet? Dataset is the collection of data to train the machine to predict. Let's understand this in the real world example. Assume that you have a room with 5 kinds of fruits in 5 buckets. (Apple, Banana, Grapes, Blackberry, Blueberry) Your each of bucket contains 20 quantity of food. Now we have here:… Continue reading Data Set – What is it?

Hello World Code for Salesforce Einstein

As a programmer, We do code in many languages. We create always a program named as Hello World. This blog is all about for Hello World program for Salesforce Einstein. In this blog, I am not going to tell you how does Salesforce Einstein work. This is just about how to get started and write… Continue reading Hello World Code for Salesforce Einstein