India DreamIn17 Presentation/Code – Salesforce Einstein Vision Implementation

It was really nice to be part of the IndiaDreamIn17 as the Speaker. I presented Salesforce Einstein Vision Implementation. The presentation is explaining about following things: 1. AI & Machine Learning - Read here 2. Einstein Vision - Read Here 3. Dataset, Label, Examples - Read here 4. Training, Model, Prediction - Read here 5. Einstein Key… Continue reading India DreamIn17 Presentation/Code – Salesforce Einstein Vision Implementation


AI Buddy – An Einstein Assistant

AI Buddy is Salesforce Manage Package App. AI Buddy is a friend of Einstein. It allows you to work with Einstein in admin style. You need to just click and go. Start building your AI system with Einstein in an easy way without coding. AI Buddy will save your time and money for sure.  The… Continue reading AI Buddy – An Einstein Assistant

Hello World Code for Salesforce Einstein

As a programmer, We do code in many languages. We create always a program named as Hello World. This blog is all about for Hello World program for Salesforce Einstein. In this blog, I am not going to tell you how does Salesforce Einstein work. This is just about how to get started and write… Continue reading Hello World Code for Salesforce Einstein

Salesforce Einstein Vision: How it works?

Before starting about this, Please give few minutes to this article What is AI and Machine Learning?? If you have done with above blog. Let's cover Salesforce Einstein Vision. Salesforce Einstein:  Salesforce Einstein is a powerful APIs with great machine learning algos. Salesforce has two versions of these APIs. V2 is in beta. Here are they 1.… Continue reading Salesforce Einstein Vision: How it works?

What is AI and Machine Learning??

Hey gyus how are yuo? I think you all are able to read the above line. Few words are incorrect but still you able to read this. That is human Intelligence. So now you have a question that's why you are reading this topic. What is AI or Artificial Intelligence?? In simple words give the… Continue reading What is AI and Machine Learning??

Sentiment Analysis in Salesforce – A Part of Artificial Intelligence

What is Sentiment Analysis: Sentiment analysis is extremely useful us to gain an overview of the public opinion behind certain topics and feedbacks. Automatically classifying text by sentiment allows you to easily find out the general opinions of people in your area of interest. For example, you might want to analyze reviews of a product… Continue reading Sentiment Analysis in Salesforce – A Part of Artificial Intelligence