Trailhead Widget: Add/Customize using FLB API

Force Leader Board Widget: It's time to show off. Now add FLB(Force Leader Board) widget to your website and blogs. You can show your badges, points of the trailhead and your certifications in one widget. You are just few minute away to get your widget. Whats more? You can create your widget and can use… Continue reading Trailhead Widget: Add/Customize using FLB API


Introducing Trailhead Force Leader Board API

Great power comes with great responsibility!!! Now its time to take your trailhead and certificate data to your platform. Just a simple API call and you will be with your trailhead data. How does it work? You make a call and get the JSON response. Now convert this response to your app, pages, and blogs.… Continue reading Introducing Trailhead Force Leader Board API

Salesforce Trailhead and Certification Leader Board – ForceLeaderBoard (Unofficial)

Force Leader Board -¬†Salesforce Trailhead and Certification Leader Board Join Now   Here it comes ... It's time to show your trailhead badges and certifications in on place. Walkthrough: Home: You can see top 5 trailblazers basis on the badges, points, and number of certifications. Trailblazers Board: This shows top 1000 trailblazers. Here you can… Continue reading Salesforce Trailhead and Certification Leader Board – ForceLeaderBoard (Unofficial)